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Boost Your Relationship in 3 Days

 Boost Your Relationship

3 Tips – 3 Days to Boost Your Relationship

Feeling blue about your relationship?  Feeling like there is no hope?  Feeling like you see the same old patterns happening over and over again?  With these basic tips to boost your relationship, it may offer you a good starting point to trying something different and create a more positive energy about the direction you are heading.  What do you really have to lose?

Tip and Day #1:  No Complaining

Boost Your Relationship

This would be a day of “No Complaining”.  This sounds like it is easier said than done, but this means no complaining about yourself or about your partner.  By practicing this exercise, even just for a day, it helps bring awareness back into our lives, so that we are aware of those times we have to urge to criticize our partner or say something negative about ourselves.  This can be really effective to boost your relationship

Tip and Day #2:  Compliment

Boost Your Relationship

This would be a day to “Compliment” each other.  Spend some time recognizing and appreciating your partner by telling them out loud.  A great book to check out is “The 5 Love Languages”, by Gary Chapman.  Appreciating your partner so often gets overlooked and forgotten, which makes us take each other for granted.  Often times, it isn’t even realized and sometimes, there is a lot of guilt about not showing your appreciation because you might feel angry or disconnected.   This is why on this day, pay attention to the little things that make you smile, that remind you why you are attracted to your partner, and why you chose to be together in the first place.  This is what will help you reconnect and rekindle some positive feelings about one another.

Tip and Day #3:  Be Grateful

Boost Your Relationship

This would be a day to feel “Grateful” for your life.  This means a feeling of satisfaction for where you are in your life, no matter what you thought last week.  Whether it is your living situation, career, or personal growth, remind yourself of all the positive things in your life and focus on the light.  Spend your energy thinking about how beautiful your life is and give yourself room to take in those reasons and accept them.

These are very basics tips to try to boost your relationship, and hopefully put into practice every day.  Live by good intention and be kind to yourself and to others, even if you feel like you have gotten off track.  This will help promote a healthy relationship and boost your attitude into a thriving direction, and expand your focus on what’s working, instead of feeding into what isn’t.

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