Brittney Johnson’s eBook


A Wonderful, Romantic Collection of Poems, Photographs, and Inspirational Quotes to Quiet the Mind, Awaken the Heart and Heal the Soul. Focusing on love, life, loss and survival, all the short poems in Brittney Johnson’s eBook are meant to throw light into the shadows of pain and offer a deeper, lighter and fundamentally positive insight about the eternal journey of the human experience.



The debut work of Brittney Johnson’s eBook: this collection of love poems is a gracious attempt to:
•Heal Heartaches
•Redefine Pain
•Discover your heart
•Reach out to touch the heart of another
•Transform your darkness into light and suffering into joy
•Give you a positive insight about the eternal journey of the human experience
•Offer you inspiration and encouragement in times of pain, loss and emotional instability

This is how we can truly become who we are.

Offering inspiration and encouragement in times of pain, this unique collection of poems is a must-read for any poetry fan, thinker, lover or broken hearts. An excellent gift idea for him or her, this is definitely a book that everyone should read at least once in their life.

Including original poetry, real-life original photographs, and famous inspirational quotes, this book takes the reader on a vivid, colorful journey through the everyday heartaches, trials and surprises to reveal the hidden flow of life.

The poems, inspirational quotes and original photographs in Brittney Johnson’s ebook will give you the strength you need to move on, and realize that there is real love out there for you. You will gain new perspectives and you will realize you are not alone. If you are heartbroken, struggling to find happiness, or need inspiration and hope, then this poem book is just what you need. Join the thousands who have regained strength within themselves and found love.

A Fresh, Strong and Beautiful Book That Everyone Should Read! Scroll up to Buy and transform your journey today.

“I believe we are all artistic designers of our own lives, and I hope that I may inspire you to be more aware of yourself, others and your environment – in relation to the decisions you make, how you choose to live your life, who you choose to invite through your door, those who stay, and those who have gone away.” by Brittney Johnson

136 pages in total
Downloadable PDF File.

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