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Brittney Johnson has always had a passion for understanding social relationships, connections between others, and how we function and interact at interpersonal levels in a society. Learning the true meaning of “grit” naturally translated into the art of her photography and poetry. Her travels have allowed her to awaken her prose and creativity.

The theme of finding some sort of common ground and sense of civility has taken personal strength, empathy and has come from Brittney’s love of life.  It has come from the respect for people and the detail that surrounds us. She believes we are all artistic designers of our own lives, and hopes that she may inspire you with her artful eye.

“An Artful Eye For Everyone”

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She studied Sociology and Communications at The University of Washington, and has been working in the tech space for the last 20+ years.  She’s originally from Seattle, WA, and currently lives in Santa Monica, CA. Brittney is an avid reader, loves to write, travel, and take photographs of all the impressive detail she sees.

She practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist in WA state for about 5 years and loved working with people on lifestyle changes and developing treatment plans that made meaningful differences in their life.

She has always been a self-starter with an active imagination. She likes to challenge others to explore new territories and experiment with new ways of doing things. Growing up in a small town with parents who didn’t put limits on neighborhood experiences, it gave her a sense of adventure and creativity.

She wasn’t afraid to speak up, to ask questions, or challenge the status quo. Being passionate about business and championing others to make an imprint will always be close to her heart. She is naturally optimistic, expressive, and extroverted.

Connecting with nature is her outlet.  Being outdoors gives her a way to take a breath, self-reflect and create more awareness to surroundings.  Practicing yoga is a passion, as Brittney has a keen interest in wellness and bettering her mind, body and soul to create a healthier mindset in life.  She spends free time taking pictures, hangs out with her handsome love, good friends, and her sweet yellow lab dog Lucy.

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