Ms. Johnson has always had a passion for understanding social relationships, connections between others, and how we function and interact at interpersonal levels in a society. Learning the true meaning of “grit” naturally translated into the art of her poetry and photography, and her travels have allowed her to awaken her prose and creativity.

She studied Sociology and Communications at The University of Washington, and works in the tech space in Silicon Beach. She’s originally from Seattle, WA, and currently lives in Santa Monica, CA. She is an avid reader, loves to write, travel, and take pictures.  Documentaries are her outlet, and she enjoys nature, being outdoors, and spends free time with her handsome love and her sweet yellow lab dog Lucy.

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B’s Book of Poems is a collection of original poetry, beautiful photographs, and famous quotes about love, loss, survival, and gratitude.  It is the perfect eBook to give as a gift for a friend, lover, or just for yourself.  With themes of finding love, losing love, and love gone wrong, it will truly move and ignite your spirit.

The theme of finding some sort of common ground and sense of civility has taken personal strength, empathy and has come from Brittney’s love of life and respect for people. She believes we are all artistic designers of our own lives, and hopes that she may inspire you to be more aware of yourself, others and your environment – in relation to the decisions you make, how you choose to live your life, who you choose to invite through your door, those who stay, and those who have gone away.


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